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It is three-fucking-thirty in the morning and it's the fifth time I've woken up tonight. After seeing the Dita tour Tuesday night, one would think I'd be dead to the world while I catch up on sleep...


Except there's something in my head. Something rolling around under the consciousness that won't leave me alone and won't come up to the surface to be muddled, worked, and solved. So it stays there on the fringes, just close enough in sleep to make me wake and wonder about a mysterious something... "I swear, I was just thinking about... what was it again?"


I woke to a pervading feeling of someone in my bed, pinning my hands down and rasping things into my ear. One of those half-asleep wake ups that I wouldn't even be sure of when the alarm actually sounded hours later. My head wanted the weight of a body over me, hips grinding into me, and to respond to it with soft moans and heavy eyelids.


But here I sit, fully awake, with no such indulgence to be had. So, mystery shadow, please get the fuck out of my head and into my bed.