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Vacation Hidden Cam

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70272-Birthday Spanking of a Lifetime!-AbigailGrey

So I learned not to open my big, fat, subbie mouth...


I invited you all to help raise the count on my birthday spankings, thinking "Aww, this'll be cute! I'll get another few spankings and be able to give a little love to those sadists out there who love on me a little!" I'm expecting maybe a couple hundred, at the most...


But then Sunday the count was still at a bare minimum... only 34 spanking wasn't going to be worth a whole video thing, right? So I posted on Twitter "I'm getting away with only 34 spanks for my birthday!" And BOY, was I wrong...


A flurry started... a little here, a little there, then A LOT. By Monday morning at last check, there were seven HUNDRED ninety-four spanks going to the birthday girl. And I sat here going "why did I open my mouth? This is going to hurt!"


The upside is that now, rather than a measly little ten-minute video of Mr. Wolf delivering the spanks, I have over an hour of impact play recorded! We spread the spanks out, from my face and tits to my back, thighs and ass. And I am so very sore, even two days later...


So I want to share the joy, but still be fair for those who helped me get there. So, the video is available now, but only outside my usual membership. As a VIP Club member you are still offered a discount from the other venues, however. This video is available to you for $40 in tips (or equivalent), where the general public price will be $50.


Thank you to those who made my birthday truly memorable!


New photoset published! Want to see my new photoset? Click here